Automatic Identification


RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.

  • RFID Lösungen in der Produktion von IdentPro


UHF RFID is an established identification technique for optimizing selected processes and workflows. With RFID, previously manual data collection can be automated.

Where barcodes reach their limits, e.g. in harsh environments or inaccessible spaces, transparency may be achieved with RFID transponders.

The networkability of processes in the sense of Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory requires automatic data acquisition. However, a successful use of RFID requires the observance of system-immanent physical restrictions.

  • RFID Transponder bieten Vorteile gegenüber Barcode

Advantages RFID over bar code

RFID offers some decisive advantages compared to barcodes:

  • Automatic data capture: Reading without line-of-sight simplifies the automated identification of objects
  • Bulk-reading: Simultaneous acquisition of several objects, e.g. at goods receipt
  • Security: RFID transponders are readable even when soiled
  • Ruggedness: Can be used in harsh environments.
  • RFID in der Produktion sorgt für Transparenz

What IdentPro offers

For selected applications in production, such as the detection of objects at a conveyor line, IdentPro provides you with a complete solution consisting of hardware (RFID transponders, RFID readers), software and support during installation and commissioning.

Via our RFID Enterprise Server, the RFID infrastructure can be connected to any superordinate IT system, like a manufacturing execution system (MES) or similar.

  • RFID ist für Lokalisierung und Tracking im Lager ungeeignet.

Does it make sense to use RFID technology in the warehouse?

RFID can be useful for a point-by-point identification of objects in the warehouse, e.g. at goods receipt. Under certain conditions, several objects  on a pallet (e.g. cartons) can be detected simultaneously as they pass through an RFID gate. Among other things, the objects to be identified must already be equipped with RFID transponders.

However, the biggest problem in many warehouses is the need to search for specific pallets. The question „Where to find what?“ occupies too many warehouse managers and the continuously required time and effort for searching reduces the productivity and thus the profit of a company.

RFID is an identification technology and therefore basically does no more than barcodes. RFID is unsuitable for locating pallets, containers, etc. In particular, RFID technology cannot provide continuous tracking of an object with high and repeatable precision. This applies in particular to bulk storage areas.

Radio waves cannot be controlled; they are attenuated, for example, in environments with liquids (beverage industry) and reflected or blocked uncontrollably in metallic environments. Also at high thermal loads RFID technology reaches its limits.


Do you employ forklifts in your warehouse? The 3D Forklift Management System identplus® automatically tracks every movement of pallets, crates, paper rolls, etc. This gives you complete transparency about your inventory at all times: What is stored where, you know it!

identplus® is based on a laser localization solution developed by IdentPro and works without any RFID technology. Through the precise and repeatable localization of the forklifts, pallets etc. are automatically identified when they are picked up. Your forklift drivers are guided directly to any goods requested, no more searching for „lost pallets“. Furthermore, each transport order is checked for correct execution (source, product, sink). And an integrated optimizer ensures the best possible utilisation of your forklift fleet.

Click here for more information on 3D Forklift Management System identplus®. Have a look at the video (click on the playbutton in the picture).