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Third Party Logistics (3PL)
– M. Preymesser GmbH & Co. KG
– Schnellecke Logistics Dingolfing GmbH
– Syncreon Deutschland GmbH
Beverages / Food
– Refresco Deutschland GmbH
– Sant’Orsola Società Cooperativa Agricola, Italy
– Warsteiner Group
– ArcelorMittal Hamburg GmbH
Packaging / Paper
– Delkeskamp Verpackungswerke GmbH
– Donauwell Wellpappe Verpackungsgesellschaft m.b.H., Austria
– Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Germany GmbH & Co. KG
– Pro-Pac Ostendorf Plastic Thermoformfolien und Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG
– Sprick GmbH & Co
– A+C Plastic Kunststoff GmbH
– Schütz UK Limited
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BMW: Paperless internal material transport and error-free deliveries
  • Application: Tracking of containers and monitoring of loading
  • Solution: identplus® 3D Forklift Management System
  • Integration: in SAP® WM
  • Specialty: Integration of AGVs in resource management; AGV with laser localization

The BMW Group required a paperless material flow with automatically triggered bookings in the ERP system SAP® WM for their new supply centre at the Landshut location (VZ2), an intralogistics lighthouse project. The aim was to always ensure correct deliveries to internal and external customers. In addition, optimal utilization of the transport resources (forklift trucks and AGVs) had to be ensured.

It quickly became clear that the defined goal could only be achieved by foregoing the error-prone scanning of barcodes by forklift drivers. For this reason, the BMW Group selected the identplus® 3D forklift management system with laser localization early on. The solution was set when selecting the logistics partner and since July 2017 the system navigates and supports the forklift drivers in the scanning-free execution of internal transports. All transport orders are monitored in the background by the Forklift Management System for correct execution (source, HU, sink).

„We are pleased that the BMW Group has opted for innovative digitization solutions for the internal material flow at the state-of-the-art supply center in Landshut and has therefore opted for our identplus® 3D Forklift Management System. The positive feedback from the BMW Group once again confirms that the digitization of intralogistics leads to substantial increases in productivity while eliminating errors at the same time“.
Michael Wack, Managing Partner IdentPro

Picture: Copyright BMW Group



Refresco: more transports by eliminating scanning and reducing empty runs
  • Application: Tracking of pallets without scanning
  • Solution: identplus® 3D Forklift Management System
  • Integration: with SAP® EWM (Partner: prismat GmbH)
  • Specialty: Transport of up to 6 load units simultaneously, integration with conveyor technology

Refresco Germany is part of the international Refresco Group, and, with over 6 billion liters, one of the leading producers of fruit juices and soft drinks in Europe today. Task: The consolidation of two locations required a significant improvement in warehouse efficiency. The goal was the complete elimination of any unproductive processes, such as manual barcode scanning, searching for pallets, storage locations and batches. Implementation: The previous warehouse management system, a classic SAP® WM with hand-held scanners, was converted to SAP® EWM with automatic data cature and confirming. For this Refresco decided for the 3D Forklift Management System identplus® with automated localization and identification of the forklifts and pallets alike.

„Our goal was a significant and sustainable improvement in warehouse efficiency. After evaluating other solutions for forklift localization, we decided on the identplus® forklift control system. The system works reliably and integrates optimally into SAP® EWM. Today, we transport well over 25% more pallets with an unchanged fleet of forklifts. IdentPro is a constructive and reliable partner. The optimization of further locations with the Forklift Management System is in planning.“
Michael Belitz, Head of Logistics, Refresco Deutschland GmbH


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